Super-Charge with SuperSuet™ - Super Food for Your Birds

SuperSuet Cake

Daily Savings Club Sign Up Special:

FREE SuperSuet & Suet Feeder*

Our SuperSuet contains the highest levels of fat and protein available. Loaded with nuts, mealworms, and added calcium - SuperSuet will give insect eating species like Chickadees, Nuthatches, Bushtits, and Woodpeckers the added boost they need to thrive during a harsh Central Oregon winter.

Decorative Suet Feeder

While supplies last, join or renew your Daily Savings Club membership and receive a SuperSuet and one of our decorative metal suet feeders for free - a $14 value! If pesky squirrels are a concern, you can choose a free Hot Pepper SuperSuet.

Save 15% on all bird food everyday, and get a free SuperSuet and feeder. If you love birds, our savings club is a great value.

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