Bluebird on nest boxCentral Oregon Cavity Nesting Birds

Different species of birds make different types of nests. Some birds, like American Robins, build twig and grass cup nests in trees. Others, such as Barn Swallows and Cliff Swallows, make little cup nests from mud. And some birds nest in holes in trees. It is these cavity nesting birds that will use nesting boxes (a.k.a. bird houses).

Cavity nesting birds are divided into two groups. Primary cavity nesters will excavate their own cavities in trees and snags. Secondary cavity nesters are dependent upon natural cavities and abandoned sites excavated by primary cavity nesting species. Both primary and secondary cavity nesting birds will use nest boxes.

Central Oregon Primary Cavity Nesting Species
- Northern Flicker

- Hairy Woodpecker

- Downy Woodpecker

- White-headed Woodpecker

- Lewis's Woodpecker

- Red-breasted Nuthatch

- Pygmy Nuthatch

Central Oregon Secondary Cavity Nesting Species
- Mountain Chickadee

- White-breasted Nuthatch

- House Wren

- Mountain Bluebird

- Western Bluebird

- Tree Swallow

- Violet-green Swallow

- Ash-throated Flycatcher