Minimize Bird Window Strikes

While nothing can be done to completely prevent birds from flying into windows, there are steps that one can take to minimize the frequency with which they occur.

Often birds fly into windows because they see the reflection of the sky or trees in the glass. When windows are viewed at certain angles and at certain times of day, birds see not through the window, but rather the reflection of what is behind them. This reflection tricks the birds, especially when they are flying quickly and only look at the window briefly.
Window Alert Decals

One way to minimize the number of window collisions is to put decals on the outside surface of the glass to help break up the reflected image. We have found that the Window Alert brand ultra violet coated decals are the most effective. Birds can see into the UV spectrum, so while the decals just appear opaque to us, to the birds that really stand out. As an added bonus, Window Alert decals are a local, Bend-based product.

Hanging obstacles outside in front of the window can also help deter birds from flying in that direction. Wind chimes, mobiles, and wind socks are just some options. We carry shiny holographic windsocks and rolls of reflective mylar ribbon that are effective deterrents.

Surprisingly enough, another helpful hint is to move feeders closer to your windows. When feeders are hung within 3 feet of windows rarely are birds moving fast enough to get hurt should they hit the window.

While nothing will totally eliminate bird window collisions, taking these simple precautions can help insure that your feathered friends are safe while visiting your backyard habitat.