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20% Off Squirrel Solutions*

Save on Squirrel-Proof Feeders, Feeder Cages, & Baffles

They can be entertaining, and they definitely add excitement to the yard - but squirrels can also eat more than their fair share of your bird food. If you have squirrel problems, we have squirrel solutions and through the end of February they are all ON SALE for Daily Savings Club Members.

  • Our weight sensitive squirrel proof feeders close off access to the seed when squirrels attempt to feed, but birds can easily dine. Many styles and sizes are available.
  • Our feeder cages exclude squirrels and larger birds like Jays and Starlings, but all small birds can easily enter and feed. Our cages will fit a variety of feeder styles and sizes.
  • Our pole mounted baffles can prevent squirrels from climbing up the pole or post to access the feeders. Hanging baffles can be used to prevent squirrels from climbing down from above to get to feeders.

*Current Bend Daily Savings Club members save 20% off squirrel-proof feeders, feeder cages, & baffles while supplies last at the Bend WBU through 2/28/18. Not valid with other offers or on previous purchases.

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