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Nectar Defender

DSC Members Only

40% OFF All Nectar Defender Products*

Keeps Hummingbird Nectar Fresh for Over 1 Week!

Do you love feeding hummingbirds, but hate the hassle of having to change the nectar every couple days? If so, Nectar Defender is the solution. This all natural product will keep your nectar fresh and healthy for the hummingbirds for over 1 week during even the hottest summer days. It contains no artificial preservatives, but uses micro-nutrients that are a natural part of the hummingbirds diet to inhibit the growth of those nasty microbes that cause the nectar to spoil. Available as a liquid to add to the nectar you make at home, as a liquid nectar concentrate that you just dilute with water, or as a nectar powder that you mix with water.

Through July 1st, Daily Savings Club Members get 40% OFF all Nectar Defender products. Give some a try and enjoy the hummers this summer without all the work!

*Valid for current Bend DSC members on in-store purchases at the Bend WBU while supplies last through 7/1/18. Cannot be combined with other offers. No adjustments on previous purchases.



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