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Bluebirds Over Bend: Birth Announcement!

We can celebrate! There are five Western Bluebird chicks in a nestbox at Pine Nursery Park. For the past month I’ve diligently watched a pair of Western Bluebirds as they discovered the nestbox in Pine Nursery Park. I witnessed courtship displays and watched them each bring twigs, feathers and what-not into the box as they built their nest. And I waited.

A couple weeks later, I peeked into the box and to my amazement I found five, gorgeous, blue eggs. I knew the female would begin incubation soon, as incubation (usually lasting 12-14 days) begins when the last egg is laid—and five eggs is an average clutch size.

Western Bluebird Nestlings Carol

Sure enough, soon the female hunkered down on the nest, seen out and about only when taking a break for nourishment and to stretch her wings. The male kept watch from a nearby Ponderosa Pine. Generally, the male doesn’t participate incubation, but when the eggs hatch, he joins the female in bringing an endless supply of insects to the hungry chicks.

And that’s what I discovered on my latest trip to the box! I tell you, my nerves were on edge last week, with the cool temperatures and the winds. I couldn’t wait for a warm day to check the box again. I peered in to find five chicks that looked to be about a week old! I stood watch, feeling like a proud parent myself, as the bluebird parents delivered fat juicy grubs or winged-goodies every 5 minutes or so. Seems to be a full-time job, raising a clutch of bluebirds. But they are doing it well.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Have a Bluebird Day!


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